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Segafredo Luxury Hot Chocolate 6 x 1Kg

£71.94 (inc. VAT)
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13.22 KGS
Segafredo Hot Ciok is a thick luxury Hot Chocolate made with the finest cocoa beans.  6 x 1kg bags

Segafredo Hot Chiok

6 x 1kg bags

The powder cocoa Hot Ciok comes from a blend of carefully selected cocoa grains, expertly worked by Dutch chocolate manufacturers following the rules of a century-old tradition.

It’s a high quality product due to its careful balance of components: the cocoa powder which emanates fragrance and scent, and the cocoa butter, which gives a structured texture. The high content of cocoa butter,conveys the cocoa taste perfectly on the palate.

The result is a beverage with a full and energetic taste, designed for sophisticated consumers with a sweet tooth.