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Ruby Pro 1 Group Espresso Machine

£1,884.00 (inc. VAT)
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25.00 KGS
Real espresso, anywhere, from the leading espresso machine manufacturer! Black

Ruby Pro Espresso Machine
by Quality Espresso

Small but very powerful, the Ruby Pro espresso machine is built with components used on Quality Espresso's commercial 2 and 3 group espresso machines.

The Ruby Pro features a steam wand and boiling water dispenser, and is powered by a 2.5kW heating element in a 5 litre copper boiler. Best of all, this versatile single group head commercial traditional espresso machine can use both ESE 44mm coffee pods and ground coffee!

The Ruby Pro features double protection for the heating element, in addition to the safety thermostat if the boiler water is not at working level, the machine does not heat up. 

Height: 37cm
Width: 43cm
Depth: 51cm

The Ruby Pro mains water 1 group espresso machine comes with a group handle with interchangeable single and double spouts, and baskets for coffee pods, ground coffee and cleaning.

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